Hi everyone, just a quick update! I haven’t posted in a while so i just wanted to do a quick post as to why. So as you all know school is coming up:( i start on the 8th september! comment below & let me know whether you start earlier/later. But anyways i have been so busy & wasnt able to post as i was doing lots of back to school shopping, and prep. But i have alot of interesting posts coming up!:) went into superdrug today and bought some more makeup, let me know if you want a haul! And also treated myself to a special something from Michael Kors hehe. Stay tuned everyone! ❤


Review:Makeup Revolution London Iconic 3 Palette

Hi lovelies! Today i’m going to do a full review on the iconic 3 pallette from Makeup Revolution London. 

First let me start with the pigmentation, i absolutley love them! They aren’t to sheer, but their also not too harsh, so you dont have to take a little at a time. The darker and glittery colours are definitley more pigmented than the lighter ones, so sometimes i like to spray my brush with abit of Mac fix+ & boom! I’m ready to go!

This palette is defintley a dupe for the Naked 3 palette! For a fraction of the price! I reccomend this to everyone, makeup revolution is one of my fave drugstore brands, the quality is amazing & the price is too! You should definitley check out Makeup Revolution if your looking for makeup on a budget!

The eyeshadows are also very longlasting, for me they last the whole day, their even better if you wear a primer, i reccomend the Urban Decay primer potion! It stays forever! The colours of these eyeshadows are absolutley beautiful! Can’t wait to wear them i the fall!

Overall, i love this palette, i reccomend it to everyone as its just an amazing palette which is not expensive alot! Will definitley be purchasing some more of the Makeup Revolution palettes! I love them! Talk to you soon my loves! Thank you for all the love & support, i just started my blog yesterday & im already so happy! Have lots of more things to come, bye lovelies!

Disclaimer: this is not sponsored, i paid for this with my own money and all my opinions are my own 🙂


An introduction to i&beauty!

Welcome to my blog!

Hi there, welcome to i&beauty! So i thought my first blog should be a little bit about myself, and so you can all learn a little about me. Well, i’m a 14 year old girl (15 in November woop) from England. I started this blog because i love makeup, fashion, food (who doesn’t ha) and fun! i was inspired by alot of other beauty bloggers out there, so i wanted to start my own, because i’m so passionate about writing, what better way then to write a blog! So in my blogs you will see different posts, about makeup, fashion, baking, & so on! So i hope you enjoy, have alot more suprises coming up… Toodles!